Terms and conditions 2023:1

Provisions of services
These general terms and conditions apply to the services between ANNOT Advokatbyrå AB, org. nr. 556376-1492, (”ANNOT”) and the client, if nothing else is agreed between the parties or follows
from law or good legal practice (

ANNOT will treat the Clients affairs with confidentiality regarding what is entrusted within the assignment, and which is not generally
known. Exceptions from the confidentiality apply if the client has agreed to this or there is a legal obligation to provide information.
Exceptions may also apply in the event of a dispute regarding the assignment or ANNOT’s compensation claim.

Fees and payment
Reasonable fees are charged to the client together with VAT. The fee is based on what has been agreed, complexity of the work, time spent, urgency requirements, degree of difficulty and in accordance with the code of conduct. In addition to the fee, expenses and other costs are charged, for example external investigations and evidence as well as fee to courts and authorities may be charged. Expenses could be charges of an authority, agent or court, service costs, postage, disbursements for travel et cetera. All fees are exclusive of value added tax, sales tax
and similar taxes which will be added to the invoice according to rate applicable in the relevant jurisdiction.

If a case is decided in court and ANNOT is not awarded a fee corresponding to work done, ANNOT has the right to invoice the
client the remaining amount.

If the client is granted legal protection, the client must reimburse ANNOT for costs and compensation that the insurance protection
does not cover.

We send invoices and normally in connection with the turn of the month. The payment period is 10 days from the invoice date. In the event of late payment, default interest is paid in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act. ANNOT also charges a reminder of SEK 60, when a letter of reminder has been sent out. Payment may also be
required in advance or “á conto”.

Personal information
ANNOT is responsible for personal data provided or collected to ANNOT and proceed by ANNOT for the fulfilment of agreements and obligations in accordance with the constitution. All processing
takes place in accordance with current legislation, see ANNOT’s Privacy Policy in force at any given time.

Intellectual property rights
The copyright and any other intellectual property rights in all work of ANNOT belong to ANNOT. The Client has the right to use such work products for the purposes which they are provided.

Each party is entitled to terminate this agreement immediately;
a) based on law and the rules of good legal practice, for example in the event of a conflict of interest,
b) if the other party materially breaches its obligations, or
c) if the other party is declared bankrupt, enters into composition proceedings or liquidation, or fails to duly settle an accepted bill of exchange or other non-disputed connection or may otherwise be presumed to have become insolvent.

If the assignment is terminated prematurely, ANNOT is entitled full compensation for work done and other costs attributable to the

Documents and communication
ANNOT stores documents within the assignments and archives files after completion of an engagement, but not original documents.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions implies consent to electronic communications in the assignment.

Limitation of liability
ANNOT is only responsible for damage caused by mistakes or negligence in the performance of the assignment. The liability is limited to the maximum amount that ANNOT’s liability insurance
covers at any given time.

ANNOT is not responsible for
• indirect damage or consequential damage,
• deficiencies caused by the client providing incorrect or incomplete information,
• client’s tax consequences, unless the advice relates to tax specifically,
• external consultants and external services that are meditated or obtained for the assignment,
• damage to third parties unless such liability has been specifically assumed, or
• damage as a result of circumstances beyond ANNOT’s control which not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of the assignment and whose consequences could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome.

If the client receives insurance compensation or suchlike, ANNOT’s liability shall be reduced by the corresponding amount.

Dispute and complaint and prescription
The client undertakes to immediately call attention to errors or other complaints in a specific matter to ANNOT within in a reasonable time from the time errors or deficiencies have been discovered in event that claims cannot be made. Complaints must be done no later than twelve months after the date of issue of the last invoice for the
assignment to which the claim relates.

Disputes between the parties shall finally be tried in a Swedish district court when the client is a consumer. When the client is a business owner, disputes shall be finally settled through arbitration
proceedings administered by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Institute (SCC). Rules for Simplified Arbitration shall apply unless the SCC, considering the severity of
the case, the values of the subject matter of the dispute and other circumstances, decides that Arbitration Rules shall be applied. In the
latter case, the SCC shall also decide whether the arbitral tribunal shall consist of one or three arbitrators. The arbitration proceedings
as such and arbitration or decisions as well as information in connection with the proceedings are covered by the secrecy in favour both ANNOT and the client in the absence of the other
party’s express consent to something being passed on a third party.

In event of a dispute, Swedish law shall be applied, except for conflict-of-law rules.

Consumers who have a claim due to legal services and have tried but have not been able to reach a solution by consensus can contact:
Advokatsamfundets Konsumenttvistnämnd
Box 27321
102 54 Stockholm