Public procurement

Public procurement aims to promote fair competition and to increased economic benefit of public funds. The area of practice has great influence of EU law and is characterized by rapid legal development, not least by court practice. We have experience from assistance and advice both to tenders and towards the contracting authorities, which we see as en force with having the whole picture. We know procurement in practice and has extensive experience in solution of procurement law issues from the numerous appeals processes as we have been Attorneys in. With our help at an early stage in or before an award is ruled we can prevent and minimize legal risks.


  • Strategic and ongoing advice
  • Development of specifications and evaluation models
  • Commercial Terms of procurements
  • Presentation of tenders
  • Counsel in lawsuits
  • Competition issues related to supplier collaboration
  • Competition issues related to public sales operations
  • Legal investigations
  • Development of procurement policies, etc.
  • Training in the LOU, LUF, etc. related Regulations


Construction is to perform an ordered service. The contractor shall, on behalf of the client, realize a structure, which may mean that the construction of a new building, renovating, to build or to install. The end result of a construction is unique in each case and shall be completed on time and in the right way, which involves risks. We help you to manage the construction contract’s legal risks from the pen to the spike whether you are on the client side or on the entrepreneurial side. We have an established network of technical consultants.


  • Strategic and ongoing advice
  • Purchasing issues
  • Development of specifications
  • Contract Writing
  • Contract Review
  • Counsel in construction disputes
  • Legal investigations
  • Training in the AB 04, ABT 06, ABK 09 and other standard forms.

Business law

Business law is, as the name suggests, the law behind the business. We can work as legal partner contributing whith ongoing advice or business legal counsel in negotiations and disputes. For us, business law core is contracts. We have great experience in contractual matters in various industries and we, to some extent, also assists in international agreements. We work for example with franchise agreements, supply agreements, purchase agreements, cooperation agreements, leases and M & A. Our belief is that it is always better to pre-try to regulate the business contractually clear and easy to minimizing risk of future litigation.


  • Contract Writing and Review
  • Ongoing and strategic advice
  • Counsel in commercial contract disputes
  • General Questions
  • Purchasing Policies
  • Credit Policies
  • Development of general conditions
  • Legal investigations
  • Education in Swedish and international contract and sales law; Orgalime S / SE 2000, CISG, PECL etc.