We are a boutique firm with its heart in the right place. We love the study of the law. Our greatest privilege is to fight for our client’s rights in the best way. With extensive experience in business, public procurement and the construction industry, we have chosen to devote ourselves to our passion. Together with our customers in the public sector and the business we work with long-term relationships. Our advice is based on commitment, creativity and knowledge to every detail to increase the business value for our customers.

Talk to us and we tell you more.

We are engaged. We are creative. We are knowledge.

We are ANNOT Lawyers.

We want to help our customers to the correct decisions, successful processes, increased legal awareness, legal-economic security and to profit. We contribute to even better business. ANNOT is the name of a small village in southern France, which for us is linked to the genuine and with pleasure, symbolizing our driving force. We are located in the historic Knäppingsborg in the heart of Norrköping where we have our fixed point.

All of Sweden is, however, our arena and the world our field where our customers take us. Office held by lawyer Walter Sköldstam. Walter has been a professional lawyer since 2007.

Previously, Walter was procurement lawyer at Region Östergötland (Östergötland County Council) and associate at Crusner Lawyers. Walter is also a licensed professor of law and has, for example, taught at Chalmers, KTH, Linköping University, Jönköping International Business School, the University of Gotland (now part of the University of Uppsala), variety of companies, organizations and public enterprises. Walter has particular experience in the construction, procurement and school world.

Walter Sköldstam ANNOT Advokatbyrå

Walter Sköldstam

Linnéa Larsson ANNOT Advokatbyrå

Linnéa Larsson

Per Atterfors ANNOT Advokatbyrå

Per Atterfors

Malin Stålbom ANNOT Advokatbyrå

Malin Stålbom